Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Christmas Countdown Begins

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So...the Christmas countdown begins. Joseph started about a week ago asking, "Mommy, how many more days 'til Christmas?" I told him we can't countdown Christmas until after we celebrate Thanksgiving. (That's just my own personal rule.) Well, we've done that now, so the Christmas countdown has begun! It's time to go pick out our tree and start decking the halls! We are so excited about the season! Our church is performing "The Jesus Story" on Dec. 7Th. Joseph will be a shepherd and Abby will be an angel. I truly want them to understand the real meaning of Christmas. It's just hard when the retail world blasts commercials for toys 24/7. I also want them to understand the importance of "giving" when they are so fixated on what they will be "receiving"! So, we will go into the season trying to explain it all in terms they can understand! Our hand bell choir in my church will perform Christmas songs on Dec. 14Th, but my favorite part of Christmas is the candlelight service on Christmas Eve.

We had our annual Greenwood BBQ yesterday. All the cousins played together so nicely! They came from Atlanta and Kentucky to be with us. It was so good to see everyone. A day like that makes me sit quietly and appreciate the fact that Joseph is still with us and that he is so very healthy and full of energy! Sometimes I feel like we need to pinch ourselves and ask if it was all just a dream. But, reality sets in. For example, on Monday he has to have labs drawn. He's so brave about it though. He just knows it's part of his life and he accepts it! We're so proud of him and how he has handled the cards he's been dealt. We'd like to thank our donor family for another Thanksgiving with our little super hero! Please say a special prayer for them this holiday season. We know our joy comes with great sadness for them.

Thanks for checking in!
Until next time...
Angela, Stephen, Joseph, and Abigail

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's our little pilgrim girl in her first Thanksgiving play.

We had a great Thanksgiving with our family. Sixteen of us gathered at my house for an absolutely beautiful day! It was chilly outside and very sunny. The kids played in the back yard most of the day. Thanksgiving just might be my favorite holiday. One thing our family has learned from our experience is to appreciate each and every day. Thank you for continuing to check in on us and for your continuous prayers. We are forever grateful. Hope you had a great holiday!
Until next time...
Angela, Stephen, Joseph, and Abigail

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fall, Field trips, and Friendship

We've really been enjoying the fall weather. Abby and Joseph have been on many field trips and have been enjoying new friends at school .

Abby enjoyed a field trip with her 4K class to the fire station! It brought back memories for me because when we moved to Florence 3 years ago, that was the first field trip Joseph's 4K class went on. I was fortunate enough to go with him too. He was so excited! The fireman even slid down the pole for the boys and girls! That was Abby's favorite part of the tour!

They had a Thanksgiving Festival at Joseph's school. The 4th graders and parent volunteers reenacted the first Thanksgiving. They reconstructed the pilgrim village, the Mayflower, and the Indian village. Joseph loved exploring these villages with his classmates.

Abby's field trip to the fairgrounds was fun and exciting. She is hugging her new friend, Izzie, in this picture. It was freezing cold on this trip, so I'm not sure if they were hugging for friendship's sake or if they were trying to stay warm!
Joseph's field trip to Lynches River County Park was a cold day as well! Here is a picture of him taking his turn crossing the swinging bridge.

We had to say goodbye to one friend though. Laurie, one of our favorite Cath Lab nurses moved away! This is Joseph with Laurie on her very last day! Thank you for all you have done for Joseph and our family. You are one of the reasons Joseph has always looked forward to Cath Lab! We will miss you, Laurie!

We are all looking forward to our Thanksgiving break! We plan to spend lots of quality time with's the one time of year we get to see everyone on both sides of our family! We are having Thanksgiving dinner with my family and Stephen's parents. Then on the Saturday after Thanksgiving we will have our annual Greenwood BBQ. We are bringing dessert and the kids have already helped me bake the chocolate chip cookies! They've eaten half the batch so I think we will have to go back the drawing board! Oh was fun and delicious! :) We hope your family has a fun and festive holiday! We, as always, are thankful for many, many things, but most of all for our donor family who will allow us another holiday season with our special little boy who loves, laughs, and lives life to the fullest. Please say a prayer for them that they can get through this holiday season with peace in their hearts that only God can bring after losing a child. Please pray for the other sick children who face uncertainty and their families who are praying for a miracle.

I have a specific prayer request tonight also. Please pray for my friend Hayley's dad. His name is Flynn McCutcheon. He is in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at McLeod facing his own battle with heart disease. He's been Joseph's heart buddy ever since Joseph was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy over 2 years ago . They have been on similar meds, both had pacemakers, and basically have had a lot in common with this illness. He always goes out of his way to check on Joseph and talk to him about his experience. He truly understood how Joseph felt and could explain it to me because Joseph was too young to really express it himself when it all started. He's a good man and is loved dearly by his family. So, say an extra special prayer that the good docs can figure out a good plan of action in helping him.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for checking in!

Until next time...
Angela, Stephen, Joseph, and Abigail

Friday, November 7, 2008

Election Day Blues

Well, I bet you're thinking I'm talking about the results of the election. But no...I'm talking about Abby. Stephen and I were taking turns going to the polls. Abby went running after Stephen on his way out to tell him, "Wait up Daddy, I want to go on the boat!" Stephen asked her what in the world she was talking about! She said she wanted to go with him when we took turns boating. She was very disappointed when he informed her we were taking turns "voting" not "boating." :)

We had our first parent watch day at KFA to see the little ones dance. They were completely adorable! Here's Abby in her first tutu!

Joseph's doing great. We have an appointment today to get their flu shots. I'm going to have two hysterical kids in my car this afternoon. Wish us luck.

We have a very important prayer request. A precious little Florence boy who is 4 years old, Kole Miller, is battling a very rare and serious brain stem tumor. His family is at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis seeking treatment. They need our prayers in a big way. His Caring Bridge site is They sure could use your support.

Thanks for checking in! Until next time...

Angela, Stephen, Joseph, and Abigail

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun on the Farm

Joseph and Cousin Owen had fun on the farm today! Stephen and Michael took the boys to the great outdoors on a beautiful Sunday afternoon! Can you believe their grandaddy found a wild boar? It just looks cute to me...not so wild!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This message is brought to you by Ben Ten (Joseph), Sleeping Beauty (Abby), A Chinese princess (Ansley), and Princess Ladybug (Emily)! How cute are these trick-or-treaters?!

50 Glorious Years

My parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary...we had 116 of our closest family and friends join us at their home with the blue grass band playing right there on the back porch! It was a wonderful day! Here is a cute picture of some of our kids at the hoe-down having a toe tappin', knee slappin' good time!

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