Saturday, April 25, 2009

Joseph Officially Turns 8!

Abby's impersonation of a porcupine!

Conditions were just right at Joseph's 8th birthday party to make Abby's hair stand on end! We grilled hotdogs, roasted marshmallows around the fire pit, and played games in the back yard! Joseph had a few friends sleep over after the party. It was just what he wanted to do to celebrate.

Roasting Marshmallows!

Celebrating with friends and family!

The day after his party we took the birthday boy to lunch at Red Bone Alley (his favorite restaurant) and then off to pick out a new big boy bike!

I want to thank those of you who still are praying for our little guy and for our family. God has bestowed many blessings on us along the way! We want to thank our donor family for this special time with our sweet boy. He is growing and changing every day and we are so blessed to be on this journey with him.

Until next time......
Angela, Stephen, Joseph, and Abigail

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Monday, April 13, 2009

A Happy Heart!

As of today it's been 2 years since Joseph received his miracle, his gift of life, his second chance. We couldn't be any more grateful than we are today for the health and happiness we've enjoyed in these last 2 years. We went down to Charleston for his 2 year biopsy and received a glowing health report! His heart is still beautiful and continues to be everything he needs. We drove down on Thursday night and stayed in a beautiful old Charleston Inn. Thank you, Sally, for such a special treat! Abby ended up with an earache in the middle of the night and we found a wonderful Dr. on Calhoun St. who said she has allergies, but no ear infection. So, both my kids are having reactions to seasonal allergies. We were juggling kids that day to say the least. But we made it through with great news on all fronts. Joseph doesn't have to go back for another biopsy for 6 months!!! Whew...we've come a long way!

This week is our spring break. We don't have any specific plans other than having fun together!

We went to my mom and dad's after church for Easter lunch. We had an egg hunt and Joseph opened birthday presents! His 8th birthday is this Saturday, April 18th. It was so much fun to be with family. He's been playing with his gifts all day. Tonight, to celebrate his 2 year "transplantiversary" we are having pizza and playing Wii games ... Joseph's choice of course! I borrowed that word from my friend Beth who saw it on another blog ( that both of us follow. It's a very uplifting blog if you want to check it out.

As for our donor family, we are hoping that they have found some sort of comfort today in knowing that their choice to donate life has given such a bright future to another child of God. Joseph's sister would be lost without him. His parent's would be devestated looking at his empty room. His cousins would only have their memories of countless hours at Grandma's house playing at the fort. His Aunt Ann would miss baking him chocolate cakes! His friends would be missing his love of dinosaurs and his sweet disposition. Our church would have one less earthly example of the miracles God still performs today. None of us can imagine a world without our JoJo in it. So, thank you, donor family for this priceless gift. We pray for you all the time. We hope to meet you one day.

Thanks for checking in! We love your support and prayers for our family.
Until next time...

Angela, Stephen, Joseph, and Abigail