Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Fun!

Collin M. Smith, a very talented photographer here in Florence, has started a unique charity to help raise money for Children's Miracle Network. We did our part to support the project and I just really had to share with you this picture of Joseph in an all out belly laugh! :) Priceless!

We are definitely on a summer schedule around here...late to bed, late to rise. Kids just don't feel like going to bed when it's still light outside! I can't say I blame them...I'm always up late these days too! Let's see, we've been pretty busy lately swimming almost every day. Joseph finished up his baseball season and had an end of season celebration at the Splash Pad. My kids had never been there before and LOVED IT!! We attended Vacation Bible School at our church. I was so honored during this week to witness two students become christians and proclaim their faith in Christ. As adults, we have SO much to learn from children. To see faith in Christ through the eyes of a child is such a blessing! God really knew what He was doing when he blessed our world with children!

Speaking of children who are a blessing...we went to Fundaygo a couple of weeks ago to attend a fundraiser for a child who has a terrible disease called cancer. It was heart warming to see all the support they recieved. It brought back to our minds the days when everyone rallied around our family to get us through those tough times with Joseph. This little boy's name is Kole Miller and he is a precious little boy with a monster to defeat. You can read more about him at or Please include him and his family in your prayers. It was good for Joseph and Abby to see Kole since we pray for him every single night. I told Joseph that's what lots of kids and parents did for him when he was sick! There is a "spirit night" for Kole at the Chic-Fil-A on Irby Street tonight from 5-8pm if you live in Florence and can make it! Eat in or drive through to help raise funds for Kole. Hope to see you there!

Joseph is doing great physically! He isn't holding anything back and to watch him be "normal" still completely amazes us after all this time. We can thank our donor family for that! They gave him this most wonderful summer season! The doctors, nurses, and transplant team at MUSC is responsible for his amazing outcome as well! I recently read an article about MUSC that I'd like to share with you. They deserve this recognition.
You can access it at the following URL:

We are looking forward to what the rest of the summer has to offer! When summer is over, Abby starts 5K! Break out the Kleenex!

Until next time,
Angela, Stephen, Joseph, and Abigail

Monday, June 1, 2009

Joseph Made His Wish!

I just can't believe I have waited so long to update Joseph's blog! We have been so busy having fun and leading a "normal" life! We have had a wonderful spring with Joseph turning 8, he and Abby starting baseball, and now the school year is coming to a close! Gosh, I'm in shock over the fact that Joseph will be in third grade next year! He finishes up the school year this week! He had beach day at school yesterday where they enjoyed most of the day outside with their books and puzzles and things. They finished the day with water balloons and popsicles. It was hot!!! I am really looking forward to sleeping in a little this summer. Well, as much as two little kids will let me! :)

I just wanted to share a little bit about Joseph's wish that was granted by the Make A Wish Foundation. Joseph's wish was to go to Disney World. We went and stayed where all the "Wish Kids" stay...Give Kids The World Village. It is a magical place that completely spoils kids for the week they are there. There was a Castle of Miracles, a beautiful carousel, pony rides, a Winter Wonderland Party complete with a visit from Santa and snowflakes, a Pirates and Princess Party, a gift fairy that visited every day, and a life size Candy Land playground and party! These are just to name a few. It was the best week you can imagine. It was just what my family needed...happy, happy times and new memories. We are all still talking about it! We did have one bad thing happen...Joseph came down with the flu the day after we visited the Magic Kingdom! He was so sick. I admit I got a little scared for him because he couldn't hold anything down. We spent one morning at Urgent Care and then a day in the Pediatric E.R. at the Children's Hospital in downtown Orlando. Joseph was dehydrated and weak, had fever and chills. They took great care of him at the hospital and gave him medicine for nausea. Thirty minutes after this wonder drug was administered, Joseph's condition turned around completely. They did blood work, xrays, and an EKG. They confirmed that he had type B flu. He recovered quickly and we continued our vacation as if nothing had happened! We extended our stay by two days so we were happy and the kids were still able to do all they wanted to! We just can't thank the Make A Wish Foundation enough and the staff (plus volunteers) at GKTW Village for the kindness and wonderful treatment we received while there. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I wish we could go back and do it all over again.

Thank you for continuing to keep us in your prayers. Please don't forget our donor family. They need your prayers even more than we do. Thanks for checking in!

Until next time,

Angela, Stephen, Joseph, and Abigail