Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Joseph and Abby got in the mood to celebrate Jesus' birth early on as they were sheep in our church's Christmas play. It was so sweet to see them sing their hearts out. Something wonderful happened. Joseph was baptized in our church. It was a happy day and our family came to be with us for this special event.

We are all happy to have a break from school. Joseph's break started a little early because he came down with a random virus. We went down to Charleston to be checked over and he was released to come home and rest, but no school for the remainder of the week. He enjoyed the rest and being able to sleep in! Grandma came for a visit and we baked some Christmas cookies. What a mess (but lots of fun)!

We took the kids ice skating for the first time! Calvary Kids For Christ had 60 skaters on the ice. They loved seeing all their church friends there. Staying up on the ice was a challenge, but they did not give up easily! We were slipping and sliding all over the place!
Abby gets a little help from her daddy!
Joseph never gave up! He had fun trying something new & different!
We are so happy to welcome 2010 and are praying for a happy, healthy, and blessed New Year filled with many more new experiences! Joseph's next clinic appt. is scheduled for Jan. 29th. Please pray that all is well and that he continues to have a healthy heart. Please say a prayer for our donor family that the New Year brings them peace, love, and joy. Their gift of life gave us another year with our precious son. We continue to be in awe of this miracle we have been given.

Hugs to you!
Angela, Stephen, Joseph, and Abigail