Saturday, October 31, 2009

Home & Ready to Trick-Or-Treat!

Joseph was discharged on Thursday afternoon. We are home now and ready to go trick-or-treating! We spent the morning carving pumpkins. Now we have to get some Halloween candy. I'll post their costumes later so you can see them, they are so proud. Here is a peak at Joseph's, but Abby will be sporting a friendly witch later tonight. :) They were especially proud to dress Max in a ghost t-shirt. Joseph feels good, we just have to make sure he stays hydrated. We'll take water with us when we go tonight.
Looks like Abby and Stephen were having fun while Joseph and I were at MUSC.
Happy Halloween! Thanks for your prayers and a big thank you to the folks at MUSC for taking great care of Joseph and getting him well in time to be home for the fun.
Love to all,
Angela, Stephen, Joseph, and Abigail

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Latest on JoJo

I'll try to catch you up so speed. Joseph went back to school near the end of September and has had a good year so far! He is learning a lot and loves to read. His favorite subject is science, just like his daddy. :)
Last week, he got sick with the flu. Fever, chills, bodyaches, vomiting, and diarrhea. He began taking Tamiflu right away but just kept getting sicker and sicker. On Saturday, we ended up being admitted to MUSC (our home away from home) so they could get things under control. He was dehydrated and very ill. Lots of fluids and nausea medication has brought him back around. They did a heart cath Monday to rule out rejection. We have the rejection! Thank God!

He woke up yesterday feeling much better. Then, yesterday afternoon, he took a turn for the worse. Symptoms were back and just as bad as before. He was miserable. They are waiting for results from a blood culture to make sure there is no infection in his blood stream. He is receiving IV antibiotics for now and we will decide what happens next once the 2nd blood culture comes back. His electrolytes are still a little off so they are replenishing them as needed.
I will tell you that he is in the best possible care. Nothing goes unnoticed. His doctors and nurses are all about kids. He loves them. There is NO PLACE we'd rather be when he is sick. They will probably have to push me out of here while I'm still asking, "Are you sure he's okay? Are you sure? Are you sure?" :)
Thank you for keeping up with our little fighter. He has shown us this week that he still has more strength and courage than we do, and we take our lead from him.
Love to you all,
Angela, Stephen, Joseph, and Abigial