Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flu Season Is Here

We have had some good times lately. We had a long weekend since Mon. was Pres. Day. We went to visit our best friends in Atlanta. Margaret and Joseph have been best buds since birth pretty much. Sam and Abby are the same age. Their little one, Charlie, just enjoys coming along for the ride. We went to a museum that had a dinosaur exhibit and the kids were especially excited about the IMAX film we saw called "Dinosaurs Alive!" Our most fun time was probably going to Build-A-Bear Workshop! Joseph got a monkey with a monkey sound and a heartbeat. Abby got a bunny with a lullaby sound. That sound doesn't do the magic of putting her to sleep easily like I had hoped. She's still our little night owl. On Sunday, we went to the Atlanta Zoo. The baby panda was a big hit for everyone. We were having fun but Abby came down with a fever. Then she really started coughing. I took her to the Dr. on Tues. morning to find out she has the flu. I tried not to panic (worrying Joseph might catch it). They called MUSC and Joseph was prescribed 2 antiviral meds. I am hoping and praying it will protect him. I'm on one as well. So far, Joseph is holding his own. We take great precaution with him and so far he has been healthier than the rest of us! Thank God for that! He started Tae Kwon Do a few weeks ago and is having a great time with that. I posted a pic. of him posing in his uniform. It's so much fun watching him enjoying something new. We are grateful to our donor family for these happy times. Can you tell by the pictures how much he has grown??? He's not "little JoJo Greenwood" anymore.